Adair Accredited Leadership Trainer Course


This three day intensive trainer accreditation programme will give you the practical tools and techniques used to deliver effective Adair ‘Action Centred Leadership’ training.

On completion you become an  ‘Adair Accredited Trainer’.

Who would benefit?

  • HR / Training Managers who want to develop their understanding of the John Adair approach to leadership training. This would allow them to integrate the approach into their management and leadership development programmes.
  • In–company trainers who could then deliver Action Centred Leadership with confidence as part of their role and personal development.
  • Consultants and freelance trainers who would like to develop and enhance their understanding of the model and deliver the Adair Action Centred Leadership course to clients.
  • Academies who wish their staff to become Accredited John Adair trainers to be able to offer certified Action Centered Leadership Training to their delegates. Where the number of delegates from one organisation is sufficient to support a standalone course, then this can be arranged exclusively outside the normal accreditation advertised programme.

What are the key benefits?

  •  You will have trainer certification from one of the highly regarded Leadership experts in the world which means that the branding of your activities will be highly respected as will your own personal brand.
  • You will receive a certificate to confirm your status as an Adair accredited trainer.
  • Your individual name and Company will appear on an international certified trainer website which will be accessible internationally.
  • When you conduct a subsequent Action Centered Leadership course, you will be able to issue a certificate of training which will also contain the certified trainer name and/or Company Logo.
  • You will receive a copy of the official Adair Leadership Trainer’s Manual. Not only will this reinforce what you have already experienced on the course, but will give you a comprehensive structure of Action Centered Leadership. This material is exclusive to accredited trainers and includes direct previously unpublished instruction from Professor Adair on course delivery which means that Adair Accredited Trainers will be in a unique position.
  • Learn to train with practical exercises devised to illustrate each key learning point and be able to facilitate discussion to be able to relate the learning to the individual delegates’ situations. This will enhance the learning of the delegates and ensure that the quality of your course delivery remains high.
  • Understand how to develop the programme and meet both individual and organisational needs.
  • Receive a thorough grounding in Adair principles and techniques which means that you will be able to adapt your Action Centered Leadership Training Skills to engage in a meaningful way with a range of leadership topics.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in Regional and International seminars which may  be held in Regions and internationally which will enable you to network with other trainers, share ideas, update your skills and revalidate your accreditation.
  • You will have the benefit of a formal licence agreement with Adair international to confirm your status and entitlement to use the training materials subject to the conditions of the licence.
  • You will have access to updated materials to support the development of your continuous development throughout your accreditation licence period.

The Course

The three day accreditation course will assume that you have previous experience of the training environment and that you hold the skills necessary to be able to present a course of this nature to the quality required. The course will be conducted in the English Language.

During the course you will experience Action Centered Leadership from the delegate, observer, team member, leadership and trainers perspective and give you all the experience necessary to be able to join the growing international group of Adair accredited trainers.

The final day is for assessment and accreditation.

The accreditation is for 36 months (this may be subject to revalidation and development seminar which will generally be held 36 months after your initial accreditation). We consider this to be important as it will give trainers the opportunity to network, share experiences and feel a part of our global network of trainers throughout the world.

 The Investment

The initial investment in the accreditation course would be £2350 GBP per person. In addition, an annual licence fee of £150 GBP would be payable to Adair International as part of your licence agreement for successive years (This is included in your accreditation course fee for year 1) and would include.

  • Attendance at the three day course programme and training.
  • Light refreshments during the day.
  • Accreditation assessment.
  • The John Adair Trainers manual (exclusive to accredited trainers) – worth £600 GBP
  • Certificate of accreditation subject to satisfactory completion.
  • An entry into the accredited trainers register and website.
  • Ongoing notification of additional ongoing developments and materials to support the future of your training sessions.
  • A formal licence agreement with Adair International regarding your entitlement to use Adair International materials.
  • Provision of Individual delegate materials for each course which you deliver will be sourced from Adair International. This will be a requirement in order to maintain our high quality standards.

Please note that this does not include accommodation or transport which you would be expected to arrange, however, where possible, we would endeavour to secure preferential rates for accommodation which we could make available to you if necessary.

You will be pleased to know that the quality of our accredited trainers is of the utmost importance to us, so you can be assured that your accreditation will be a highly regarded and recognised award for your future career and business development.

To find our more, please visit our website

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