Anna Hazare – Integrity and Leadership in action

The people’s battle against corruption in India continues with the ‘fast to death’ of Anna Hazare. It is also reported that 150 people have joined him and support is growing.

A prominent social reformer, Anna Hazare’s journey of four decades has been unprecedented in terms of a non-violent, yet effective campaigning for improvements in rural life and for those in poverty. However, the difficulties that he seems to have experienced in doing this through his exposure to red tape and bribery have left him determined to fight corruption, which seems to be endemic.

He considers the government proposals so far to be weak in addressing the issues. The anti corruption bill has been being discussed by parliament for over 40 years and the lastest draft is considered by him to ineffective, with no teeth and will have no impact.

He now considers it his duty to conduct a second Satyagraha (Literally translated as ‘truth force’ – A practice and philosophy conceived by “Mahatma” Gandhi of non violent resistance, which also influenced Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and other reformers).

Support for him is growing as India wrestles with daily corruption and ethical distortion at all levels of society.

India is a great nation full of talented people, however, currently stands very low in the world corruption perception index.

This is an issue which potentially compromises the future of a great nation.

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One Response to Anna Hazare – Integrity and Leadership in action

  1. kukkumol says:

    Anna Hazare,anti-corruption activist victory is a great is a victory for the entire people of India regardless of caste,religion and culture.the government of India led by Mammon Singh should know that the voice of the people is the voice of God and quickly pass the Lokpal bill without further delay

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