Learning to speak Manager – for the ‘Wow factor’

Learning to speak manager is essential to those at an early stage of their career. The beauty of this language is it’s ability to say nothing and communicate quite concisely the perception of you as really sophisticated manager – and get the ‘Wow factor’

Getting a sense of identity within the modern business world is not a ‘walk in the park’. For the ‘go-get’ manager, speaking with the right clichés is ‘core focus’ and is perceive by many as an indication of ‘bandwidth’. It is important that the modern manager does ’what it says on the tin’ rather than just ‘running things up the flagpole and waiting for someone to salute’. Many just ‘fly a kite to see which way the wind is blowing’ but this is not really the ‘flavour of the month’.

If one really wants to be perceived as having a ‘robust focus on the issues’, one must really have quite a measured ‘strategic approach’ to a ‘range of outcomes’, and be able to communicate these both ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’. ‘Organic performance growth’ is really a function of ‘effective teamwork’ during which business leaders should ‘walk the talk’ ‘across the board’ – not just pay ‘lip service’.

We are now in an environment where ‘bottom line’ is not the only ‘key performance indicator’ to ‘sustainable growth’. Other ‘fundamental underpinning factors’ also contribute to the ‘strategic trajectory’ of the ‘corporate journey’. Issues such as ‘human resource development’, ‘succession planning’, and ‘change dynamics’ and key in determining ‘fitness for purpose’ within the organisation..

‘Sustainable development’ is also ‘high on the agenda’ ‘across the board’, so that ‘at the end of the day’,’ pigs may fly’ but there is some certainty that things will not be complete until the ‘fat lady sings’. What is certainly sure is that the principle of ‘no pain no gain’ certainly applies.

Learning how to speak manager is not ‘rocket science’, but one must have the capability to ‘think outside the box’. ‘Blue sky thinking’ is critical. Sometimes, it is essential to ‘brainstorm things’ and ‘drop something in the pool to see if it makes a splash’. If it does, then it is very important to ‘push the needle’, and sometimes may even be necessary to ‘shoot the puppy’ in extreme circumstance. Now I know that this is a ‘big ask’ but ‘swallowing the frog’ at the first possible opportunity can lead to a ‘win win’ situation and a ‘net net’ benefit. This will ensure that you have all your ‘ducks in a row’ and do not fall ‘behind the curve’.

‘Paradigm shifts’ must also be considered if the ‘low hanging fruit’ is to be ‘harvested’ following which ‘bottom fishing’ may be the most appropriate ‘way forward’. However, one of the most important issue in ‘effective strategic delivery’ of this will be ‘robust communication channels’ which give a ‘heads up’ to the ‘primary stakeholders’, but it is important not to ‘jump the shark’ when doing this. ‘Bite the bullet’ is always the best policy in these circumstances.

If you are expecting a ‘just add water’ solution to these issues, you will have ‘missed the boat’ and not really ‘be on the same page’. This is the ‘key differentiator’ and ‘USP’ of the manager language – ‘aliening objectives’.

We are not just looking at this to put ‘ticks in boxes’ but need to ‘go the extra mile’ if we to secure this language as a ‘core competence’ because, ‘when all is said and done’ and the’ rubber hits the road’, it will be a case of ‘survival of the fittest’

‘Now is your time to shine’ as a ‘beacon of excellence’ and develop your career beyond your ‘level of competence’.

Learning manager, really is a ‘no brainer’ – right from the ‘get go’ and we will then all be ‘singing from the same song-sheet’.

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2 Responses to Learning to speak Manager – for the ‘Wow factor’

  1. Rob Say says:

    Struck the right “cadence” for a “quick win” there ! More like this to establish a “footfall”?

  2. Charlotte says:

    What a fun article and yet so scary. I bet the people who talk manager wont have irony in their lexicon and will not therefore appreciate this. The following quote is an objective in a recent job description from a corporate…..!
    ‘Partnering our client group to drive towards an “optimum” organisational structure, underpinned by pro-active and transparent forward planning and execution’ any ideas to its meaning on a postcard please!
    Thanks for sharing

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